Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love those Dallas weatherman!

Okay so last weeks running went pretty good. Mondays runs are only 2 miles and this just seems too easy. I think I am going to move it up to 3 miles from now on. It is suppose to be a "recovery run" from my Saturday "long run" but it doesn't seem like it is worth it to only run for 18 minutes.

This time of year the weather is unpredictable in most parts of the country, Dallas is no exception. So this last weekend it was 70% chance of rain on Saturday afternoon. Well, I like to do my yard work on Fridays after work, and run in the morning on Saturday. I wasn't able to get the yard work done on Friday so I needed to get it done before the rain came down in the afternoon. So 12,1,2,3,4,5,6, roll by and no rain! Now it was getting dark so I decided to post pone the run until Monday morning and do a longer run than scheduled. By the way, it rained for 5 minutes at 8:00 when it was suppose to be down-pouring by 3!

So yesterday, I went to Breckenridge park to run. They don't have distance markers placed very well so I just decided to do a big loop. This was a really good run, I did part of the trail that I hadn't run on before and it was very pretty. I ended running for about 32 minutes, so I probably only ran a little over 3 miles when I was suppose to run 4 or 5. So tonight is usually my rest day, but I am going to run 3 miles to make up for it and 3 miles again on Wednesday.

Last thing, I have been trying to eat better and I have, but I haven't lost any weight. My clothes fit better and my stomach doesn't seem as giggly. I am probably building muscle and losing fat which is fine with me. The most important thing is that I feel really good after a run now, when a few weeks ago I use to feel nasty after running.

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  1. Hi Matt!

    I saw a link to your blog on Facebook. About a month ago I saw a show on PBS about ordinary people who decided to challenge themselves to run the Boston Marathon (I think it was the Boston Marathon). I was really intrigued by this idea and thought I might try it. However, I am the laziest person ever. I'm out of breath if I run to my mailbox and back. Sad, right? Do you have any tips for those of us who have no idea how to get into running? Maybe you could do a post on your blog about that.

    Also, my sister, Aidan, lives in the Dallas area. Actually, she is moving into a house in Oak Point (north of Lewisville Lake). She loves running, too. You guys should meet up somewhere.

    I'm looking forward to more posts,