Friday, May 15, 2009

Slacking on the blogging, not the running!

Hey everyone! I'm not sure that anyone is reading my blog, but I really don't care! I am doing this for myself as a type of accountability to stick to my training schedule. So this week I did 2 mile run on Monday and Wednesday. I can tell that my body is ready for more mileage, so I am excited to run 3 miles tomorrow. I find it strange that the older I get, the longer it takes my body to get warmed up. This is something that I either didn't need to do as much when I was younger, or just never realized the benefits of doing it. When I don't warm up, I really struggle with aches and joint pain for the first mile or so. After that, it is no problem, I can just keep running. Doing a good warm up has now been Incorporated into my routines.

On Saturday last week, I was sad because I wasn't able to run at the park that I wanted to. Like every Saturday for the past month or so, it has been rainy. So I decided to run closer to home on a trail that I hadn't run on in Richardson. Well, the trail was closed, not quite sure why, so I went up the road to Breckenridge Park. I really love this park, it's a great place to take a walk and let Levi feed the ducks. However, there was not a good mileage system there so I had to estimate how far I was running. I only had to do 2 miles but I think I went closer to 3.

On Mondays run, my headphones got a short in them so every stride I took, the music in the left headphone came in and out. It was really annoying. So on Wednesdays run, I found some old earbud headphones that Melissa had stashed aways somewhere. I don't know if I have funny shaped ears or what, but I am NOT a fan of earbuds! They kept falling out while I was running and my ears were in pain by the end of the run from me jamming them back in my ear every 30 seconds! I need to go to Wal-mart today and get some new ones.

Tomorrow, Saturday, it is suppose to be raining (go figure!) I think I will stick close to home again in case the rain starts coming down. Spring time in Texas is yucky! Way humid and rainy. But in 3 or 4 weeks it will be really hot for 4 months straight!


  1. I am here, reading your blog because I am generally amazed by anyone who works out so much & is as dedicated as you are. Look! I'm even a "follower"! Keep up the good work!