Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A case of the Mondays & Tuesdays

Hi y'all! Thanks for checking in on my blog. It has been a difficult couple of weeks. If you read my previous couple of posts, you would know about how little time there was for running a couple of weeks ago while our friends were in town and other friends moving. I was so glad to get back to some normalcy.

Last weeks runs went pretty good. Wednesdays are now speed work/interval training. I was suppose to get 5 miles in on that but was only able to get 3.5 before I was on empty. On the weekend, we went to my in-laws in Texarkana (border town of Texas/Arkansas). It was so humid there! The humidity really affects your run. Saturday, I found a local park with a 1/2 mile trail that went around a pond. I went early in the morning to get the run in while it was still cool (80 degrees). My goal was to get in 6 miles. I could only do 4. It felt like I could not cool off while running. I would rather run in Arizona heat than run in Texas Humidity. In dryer weather, the sweat evaporates from your skin, keeping you somewhat cool. In humidity, your sweat stays on you. After a few miles it feels like you are covered in butter, you can't keep the sweat out of your eyes and, lets just say, its chafing season. I think that I need to start running with some water or Gatorade to rehydrate as I go.

So we came back home Sunday. I hate doing any type of work on Sundays but I had to get the lawn done. I work 11 hour days on Mondays and Tuesdays so the lawn had to be taken care of. I was mowing part of our back lawn that use to be a flower bed (letting the grass fill in now) when dust was getting everywhere. My allergies got really bad that night and by Monday they were terrible! What started as sneezing turned into sinus pressure and runny nose and sinus headache. There was no way I was going to get a run in Monday. Yesterday, I felt even worse. Today I still feel sinus pressure, but allergy symptoms are decreasing. I hope to run today... I feel like I am full of excuses, but legitimate ones. I still am planning on running in this half-marathon. I need, and will, step up my training. Have a great week!

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