Monday, June 8, 2009

Off the wagon and back on again!

Well, as I said last posting, last week was difficult. I literally had no time to run except for Saturday, and even then I had to cut my mileage in half so I could get back home just to leave again. I am disappointed but it was a good learning experience. I learned that there will be days when running just won't happen. I really would prefer to run in the mornings because I would have more time at the end of the day but I can't get up any earlier than I do (4:45 am).

Monday night was guys night with a farewell to my good friend Trever as he moved to Austin this week (lucky!) Tuesday was girls night so I stayed home with Levi. Wednesday we had a going away party for our friends that moved. Thursday I had a softball game. Friday our friends from AZ came over for a BBQ. Saturday we spent 5 hours at a car dealership negotiating the cost of our new car (we won and got a steal of a deal thanks to Melissa's negotiating skills). Saturday evening we picked up a puppy that we rescued from being euthanized (a long story... now we are trying to decide whether or not to keep him or find him a home). Sunday we had church and I don't run on Sundays.

I always say that excuses are like farts...everyone has them and they all stink! "No Excuses...Just Results" is one of my favorite quotes. I need, and will pick it up this week. The last obstacle in the road will be when we go on vacation next month. I will go running in the streets of Nauvoo! That will be sweet!

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