Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running is fun!

I didn't think that the time would come when I would say it but... running is fun. I went on such a fun run on Saturday. There is a really cool park in West Plano called Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. The thing that I love about this area is that there are actually hills (something very unusual about the Dallas area) They have 2 miles of paved trails and some unpaved, natural trails. I did my research and mapped where I wanted to run and did about 4.5-5 miles. I ran with a friend from church. We ran mostly on the unpaved trails. I ran in front to keep an eye out for snakes, luckily we didn't see any, and really had a good time on this trail. I wish that there were more unpaved trails around Dallas. We made really good time too, averaging about 8:30/mile. Not quite exact on that number as the trails we ran on were not marked very well.

This week is going to be a tough one. Our good friends are moving to Austin this weekend so last night we had a guys night, tonight is the girl's night, Wednesday we are having a farewell party for them, Thursday I have a softball game, and later this week, Melissa's best friend will be in town for another friends wedding reception on Saturday. I was suppose to do my usual distance of 2 miles yesterday, but I can do that tonight instead. Wednesday I am suppose to do 5 miles total, 3 of which are suppose to be at a faster pace than normal. Saturday I am suppose to do 6 miles. I haven't decided on a location just yet, but I would like to do another trail run if possible. Anyway, it's a busy week to say the least.

One of my all time favorite quotes: "Your attitude determines your altitude in life. You will go as far in this life as your attitude will let you." -Paul H. Dunn

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